Bagel Taïm began in the kitchen of an upper level duplex in South Minneapolis during the COVID-19 lockdown. Looking for something to pass the time, Leore decided to try her hand at baking bagels. After all, her first job at the age of 14 was at a bagel shop in a Jewish community in small town Florida. Needless to say they were good. Really good. Convince-your-partner-to-start-a-bagel-company good.

After a miraculous first batch she posted on social media wondering if anyone would want to pay a buck for one of her bagels. The answer was a resounding yes. After the first week of non-stop thwopping she enlisted the help of her spouse Sasha to keep up with the orders. Each day they got better, and each day more and more people started ordering. One evening after deliveries they decided to take a bike ride to Bde Maka Ska and have a picnic. After half a bottle of wine they decided to start a bagel company and call it Bagel Taïm (that’s Hebrew for tasty).

We believe in making damn good bagels at a damn good price.  Bagel Taïm is The People’s Bagel—proudly made from scratch by and for The Proletariat in the heart of South Minneapolis.

Oh, and ACAB.

♡ Leore and Sasha